Горячие блюда

Roast beef

An indispensable dish on any table!  In the composition: beef, boiled potatoes, green beans, tomato paste, onion, greensThe pot is left for you as a gift!

Cream soup with eel

Ingredients: broth, cream 22%, smoked eel, sesame fried, algae wakame dry, onion green, sushi rice ready.

Roast "Chicken with mushrooms"

In the composition: chicken fillet, boiled potatoes, champignon mushrooms, onion, greens.The pot is left for you as a gift!

Soup "Miso"

Ingredients: broth, wokame dry seaweed, Tofu bean curd, onion green.

Roast "Pork"

Ingredients: pork, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and garlic, herbs.The pot is left for you as a gift!

Soup "Kimchi"

Ingredients: broth, shirachi, chicken egg, Tofu cottage cheese, Wakame seaweed, green onion, sesame oil.

Soup-puree "With mushrooms"

The world's best cream soup with mushrooms! The composition: mushrooms, potatoes, cream 22%, greenery, broth.

Fish soup

A Real fish-soup!- from Rumyancev! Try the wonderful taste of this soup! The composition of trout, potatoes, onions, herbs, cherry tomatoes.

Borsch with sour cream

We are glad to offer you our new brand borsch! The composition: beets, cabbage, potatoes, beef, carrots, sour cream.

Solyanka Home

This solyanka embodies our best traditions, only fresh products and original recipe! The composition: potatoes, sausages, Shinka, ham, cucumber, tomato paste.

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